1. Biblical foundation.  We believe the Bible is God's revealed truth, and everything in life must be seen through His eyes.  Reality, truth, and knowledge come from God. Jeremiah spoke of prophets who rejected "the word of the Lord" and asked the rhetorical questions, "What wisdom can they have?" 

2. The integration of education with Biblical/Christian values. We do not simply add Bible as a separate study.  The entire curriculum is permeated with God's Word & Christian values.

3. Christian people. We select staff that not only know Jesus Christ as Savior, but also endeavor to be models of Chris-likeness to others.

With a Christ-centered focus, Faith Christian School, working together with the home and church endeavors to provide students a Safe, nurturing environment, On-going

development of potential in Christ, Academic excellence and achievement, and Real-life opportunities to serve God.

A place where students 


A few things which distinguish us as a Christian school are:

Our Mission

what is

Faith Christian School

7571 S. Ridge Road

Dixon, IL 61021



Upcoming Events

  • May 25 - 26 - High School Final
  • May 31 - Teacher in-Service (No School)
  • May 31 - Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation at 6;30 PM
  • May 31 - Great America Trip
  • June 1 - Picnic & Service Day
  • June 2 - Awards Day at 8:30 AM
  • June 2 - 8th Grade Graduation at 6:30 PM
  • June 3 - High School Graduation at 6:30 PM



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